An engaging and flexible curriculum that is academic, experiential and child led.

Following The International Primary Years Curriculum Early Years Program we have an international standard set of academic learning objectives that we aim to achieve with each child.


ABC Nursery, Kindergarten & Pre-School - Physical Development

Using the IPC modular approach we have also designed our own specific units that we have tried and tested and know work well with our children. They include the following:

Solar System, Recycling, The Environment (The ocean, space, cities, countries, continents), Life Cycles, Parts of the Body (the 5 senses and healthy living), Dinosaurs, Transport, Food and Drink.

These academic units are incorporated into a program that includes plenty of non academic learning too: yoga for children, introduction to meditation and breathing, dance (various), ball skills and competitive team games. We regularly provide experiences such as how to make raw organic chocolate or raw energy balls or how to build a birdhouse from clay with our own hands with the intention of providing real hands-on learning that has impact.

Our curriculum includes a range of units that include the following:

Food, House and Home, Let’s Get Moving, The Olympics, Let’s Pretend, Patterns, Plants and Flowers, Sand and Water, Treasure, Up and Away, Animals, All About Me, Shopping, Changes and Bears.

ABC Nursery, Kindergarten & Pre-School - Dance


We adopted the IPC Early Years programme in 2010 after using the British National Curriculum since our foundation. The reason for this shift was primarily due to the differing nationalities of our children and the rigidness of the British Curriculum. The IPC is specifically designed and engineered towards international schools and children not learning in their home countries including names, currencies and places of an international nature rather than purely British. It is primarily designed for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

ABC Nursery, Kindergarten & Pre-School - English