ABC is open from 8.30am – 3.00pm
Monday to Friday and has various attendance options.

Long Term Enrollment

These fees apply for children enrolling for a minimum of 3 months.

Full time Nursery8.30 - 15.0016,500 THB
Full time Pre-school8.30 - 15.0018,000 THB
Full time Primary Year 1 & 28.30 - 15.0019,500 THB
5 mornings Nursery8.30 - 12.3013,500 THB
5 Mornings Pre-school8.30 - 12.3015,000 THB
3 Mornings Nursery8.30 - 12.3010,500 THB

Short Term Enrollment

These fees apply for children enrolling for less than 3 months.
For enrollments of less than 1 month please see day care

Full time Nursery8.30 - 15.0019,500 THB
Full time Pre-school8.30 - 15.0021,000 THB
Full time Primary Year 1 & 28.30 - 15.0022,500 THB
5 mornings Nursery8.30 - 12.3016,500 THB
5 Mornings Pre-school8.30 - 12.3018,000 THB
3 Mornings Nursery8.30 - 12.3013,500 THB
ABC Nursery, Kindergarten & Pre-School - Physical Development

Day Care

These fees apply for children enrolling for less than 1 month.

ABC Nursery, Kindergarten & Pre-School - Rawai


  • There is a non refundable registration fee of 10,000 THB for short term enrollments and 20,000 THB for long term enrollments.
  • All fees must be paid before your child can start school.
  • There is an additional materials fee of 5,000 THB per academic year for Year 1&2 classes (5 to 6 years old) and 2,000 THB for Nursery and Pre-school. This amount will be invoiced in September or anytime upon registration.
  • Any enrollment online requires all fees to be paid in advance of arrival.
  • There is a minimum stay of 2 weeks for short term enrolment.
  • Payment of fees is expected before the start of each new month. Invoices are sent out on the 26th of each month and should be paid before the 1st of the month.
  • The monthly fee is payable irrespective of days taken off during the month for personal reasons. Once you have enrolled and paid the first month’s fees refunds are not possible.
  • There is no reimbursement given for sick days taken.
  • Late payment of fees will result in penalty fee if non payment exceeds 2 weeks. The fee is 100 THB per day.
  • After school care is given at a rate of 200 THB per hour and should be arranged through the administration office only.
  • The school closes for only 5 weeks every year. During these 5 weeks the full monthly fee is still charged.
  • On our enrollment form there is a section that requires your signature indicating your agreement to adhere to our payment policy.
  • Extra activities like school trips or swimming lessons are added to the monthly invoice and are to be paid in advance.
  • Please note that if you wish to cancel your child’s swimming class we will need 24 hours notice in order for us to reimburse you the swim fee.
  • Once enrolled, if you wish to take your child out of school, we can keep your place at school with a 25% payment of your monthly fees.