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Our aim is for an ABC graduate to leave with a positive self image, self confidence and a thirst for learning new things. This is achieved through an array of fun activities, a close personal relationship between our teachers and your child and a supportive academic/sensory structure.

What Matters To Us

If you are looking for a pre-school where your child can dream, discover and feel completely at home, then look no further! From our strong relationships with our parents to our team of dedicated, and long serving staff, our aim is to create a learning environment that supports your child developing at his or her own pace.

Careful attention is given to each child’s specific needs where class placement is based on the individual rather than pre determined age limitations. We believe strongly that each child is different and therefore will have different pre-school needs. Guided and monitored at all times, our principal aim is to instill confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning primarily with an academic focus running along side.

ABC Nursery & Pre-School - Clay Cob Oven
ABC Nursery, Kindergarten & Pre-School - Rawai

Child Led Learning

Project and child led learning with caring teachers in a family feel setting is the ideal place for young learners to blossom. When a child is involved with his or her own learning desires is when true learning occurs. When you ask 3 or 4 year old “what would you like to lean about this week? “ the response is your key to engage them with a subject. This also gives us the structure to include the academic objectives alongside a fun topic that the whole class is interested in. It is possible to spend days learning about volcanoes followed by polar bears followed by airplanes with the total absorption of facts due to this being ‘THEIR” choice.

Environmentally Friendly

Running along side this approach to learning, ABC encourages an environmentally friendly attitude to the world around them. We choose to engage our children with the natural environment using our perma culture (organic) garden classroom, worm house and seed nursery as a basis for teaching how to care for their surroundings. Our children are introduced to growing organic fruit and vegetables with the responsibility for caring for the garden given to them.

ABC Nursery, Kindergarten & Pre-School - Physical Development
ABC Nursery, Kindergarten & Pre-School - Physical Development

Teaching Methodologies

Focused Play • Free Play • Indoor Play • Outdoor Play • Music and Singing • Movement and Dance • Drama and Role-play • Creative Activities • Teacher Led Sessions • Day Trips • Circle Time • Sensory Activities